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Loss, illness, grief, spats, members leaving home for 'good OR bad reasons' temporarily or not, sadness, relationship 'damage' and an 'overall pervasive' sense of outright challenge, is likely to be 'felt' in some way, shape or form and to some 'higher level of degree' this week, as compared to weeks past, back to Feb/March of '15. It is ALSO possible, that issues FROM that time or from the recent 'retrograde' of Mercury, can surface and have to be dealt with 'all over again' to some additional expense, effort or emotional 'cost'. Mercury's retro ENDS, Friday the 9th of October; thank GOODNESS and for you, it may be 'bitter sweet' as your stars show additional 'injury, illness or depression trends' that may 'carry over' from some 'past time' just as we discussed. The GOOD news is that this ALL lifts on the 12th of October, making the 11th the 'last day' of having to 'endure' for what appears to be 'a LONG time to come'. This is for the cross section of you Fish, who HIT this one.

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